When someone dies we find it hard to understand the feelings and emotions that happen to us. All of these strange things are called grief.

Grief affects us in many ways but it can feel as if our mind and body are out of control-especially soon after the death, or sometimes we find we are emotionally frozen.

Even though grief is normal and natural it can feel very frightening and confusing. Learning more about what is happening to us, what to expect and what can help, can make things feel less scary; helping us to know we are normal and OK and that we are not alone.

We hope that these pages will give you an idea of what to expect and help you feel that you are not alone. We will also give you some ideas about how to remember the person who died and ways of feeling better on your sad days.


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This video was created by one of our young ambassdors to show what it is like to attend one of the Stand-by-me groups

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