At School

When we are grieving, many of us can often find it hard to express ourselves. It can be hard to find the words to describe how we are feeling and we may find it hard to understand or explain why we behave as we do.

This can lead us to feeling very alone or misunderstood; particularly at school.

The bereaved young people who helped put this site together have told us that these are the things that teachers need to know and that they were unable to say:

  • Give me time to adjust and to recognise how I feel

  • Help me understand what is happening to me

  • Don’t tell me you know how I feel- even if you think you do!

  • Understand that I might find it harder to concentrate for months after the death- help me manage homework- or remembering my P.E kit!

  • Realise that I might have many things extra things to worry about since the death

  • Be sensitive to anniversaries or father’s or mother’s day- ask me what would help

  • Don’t gossip about me- ask me who else I might want to know

  • Don’t expect me to ‘get back to normal’ but understand I need to have fun times with my friends

  • Let me have a safe person in school to go to if I need

  • Warn me if we will be talking about death in science, English, drama, PHSE or RE- and ask me if I am ok with this and arrange for me to work elsewhere if possible