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For Parents

At what can be a confusing and emotional time, Stand-by-me offers help and support when you need it most.

Father and Son
When someone dies we can be totally unprepared. Even if the death is expected it can be difficult to know how to best help the children and young people we care for.  Stand-by-me offers information, advice  and support to help children, young people and their families living in North Hertfordshire & Stevenage understand and manage their grief.
The service that listens
We asked bereaved children and young people living in our area what they thought was needed. Stand-by-me was built around what they told us, from their own experience, would make a difference to other bereaved children, young people and their families. We regularly ask for feedback from the families who use our service as well as through our Young Ambassador project so we can make sure we are providing the kind of support they find most valuable.

Support in schools
Many of the young people we work with told us they would have liked more support in schools following their bereavement. The Contact-me programme is designed to give schools the help, advice and knowledge they need to support the bereaved children and young people in their care.
Supported by the local community
We rely on the generous support of the local community to help us reach bereaved children and young people in our area.  Every penny raised helps us to run more programmes, fund our website, train more of our wonderful volunteers and expand our service to meet a continually growing need.

Currently, 75% of schools in North Herts and Stevenage have joined the Contact-me programme. If you are a school who has not yet joined and you would like more information, please visit our Contact-me for Schools page

Group Dates

We are happy to announce that we have now resumed our Face to Face groups.


Our next available groups are starting in September 2022 for both primary-aged children and secondary-aged children and young people.


If you are interested in attending a Stand-by-me group, please get in touch by calling 07469 255139 or contact us here . 

Thinking of joining a group?

We know that joining a new group can feel daunting, but Stand-by-me groups are really friendly, safe places to meet other children and young people who have had similar experiences.

Visit our Children and Young People pages to hear what's it's like and how groups can help from some young people who have been to Stand-by-me groups.