Stand-by-me Groups


For many children and young people, grief can feel very lonely. They may wonder whether they are the only ones to have these feelings or think that noone else will understand.

The Stand-by-me group work programme is a clinically validated, psycho-educational, therapeutic programme, designed to address the needs of bereaved children and young people.


They will meet other children and young people who have had similar experiences and learn that although everyone grieves in their own way, there are others who almost certainly feel the same way.

Our Group programme runs for 6 weekly 90-minute sessions and there is also a follow-up session a few weeks later so we can catch-up with how you are doing. 

The groups are split into reception, primary and secondary age groups so that we can offer age-appropriate support.

We are happy to accept referrals from parents/carers.

To find out more please email