Everyone's experience of grief is different. That means there is no one-size-fits-all solution to what can help. However, it can help to know that you're not alone.
We spoke to some of the young people we have worked with to find out what they felt would have helped them.  Here's some of the things they told us:

What can help?

  • Remember to take care of yourself. Make time to rest, exercise, eat and sleep

  • Talk about the person who has died. Sharing your memories can help you remember the times you spent together.

  • Contact an organisation such as Stand-by-me so you can meet other young people who have had similar experiences.

  • Feelings can be confusing. You might feel sad, numb, angry or even relieved. These are your feelings and whatever you are experiencing it's OK to let yourself go with it .

  • Let people know what you need. Whether you want them to just sit with you, give you a hug, listen to you or give you some space. 

  • You may think everyone expects you to feel sad all the time but don't feel guilty about laughing or having fun. It doesn't mean you don't care any more.

  • Remember that grief isn't a straight line. Some days will feel more difficult than others and just because time has passed doesn't mean you're over it.