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The Stand-by-me Young Ambassador Programme

Many of the children and young people who attend our groups tell us that they want to share their experiences with other bereaved families so they can show that it is possible to look forward to a more positive future - even when things may seem at their worst.

Building skills for life

The Young Ambassador programme aims to give those young people who would like the opportunity, the chance to work with the Stand-by-me team, raising awareness of the needs of bereaved children, getting involved with fundraising and events, as well as learning some new skills such as event organising, marketing, fundraising and public speaking.

Support to shine

Each of our Young Ambassadors works with us for 1 year (although some have loved it so much they have stayed longer!). They are supported by a dedicated project manager who makes sure they are able to turn their amazing ideas into reality.


We have so many talented children and young people attending our groups and each of them is brimming with potential. Our young ambassador project gives them the chance to shine.

Created a Newsletter


The group worked together with a former journalist to learn how to write and design a newsletter. It was then launched at our Remember-me day in August 2018 and given to freinds and supporters.

Read the YA Newsletter Here

Recorded a CD

On Air Sign

The YA's (along with some brave adults) visited the Knebworth Recording studio to unleash their inner rock stars! They recorded their versions of Ben E. King's classic 'Stand by Me' (of course) as well as 'Lean on Me' by Bill Withers. 

Organised events

Colorful Balloons

As well as a fantastically festive Christmas party for all the children and young poeple who attended our Groups, the YAs have also planned, promoted and organised a children's fun run in aid of Stand-by-me at the 2019 'Hitchin Hard Half' run.

Made a series of videos

Artistic Clapboard

With so many powerful stories to tell, our Young Ambassadors have recorded a series of videos, each telling their personal experiences of loss and grief so other children can know they dont have to grieve alone.

Represented Stand-by-me

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Many of our Young Ambassaodrs have had the chance to join Trustees and volunteers at fundraising and awareness events. They often (very bravely) speak about their experiences and the audiences tell us how impressed they are by these remarkable young people and their confidence and courage.

Our Young Ambassadors work hard to promote Stand-by-me and to show other bereaved children and young people that they are not alone. Here are just a few of the projects the Young Ambassadors have been involved with:

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